Egypt’s Copts celebrate Easter amid fears
Security forces in front of a church in cairo - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Security forces have intensified patrols around the scattered churches in Alexandria to secure Coptic festivals on Easter day and to avoid terrorist attacks, state-run MENA reported Saturday.

The forces have also closed a number of roads near to places of worship, and churches have also taken security measures, such as designating of groups at the churches’ main doors, the agency reported.

Sectarian attacks occurred during the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood, and have continued since the ouster of Mohamed Morsi.

The village of Dalga, in Upper Egypt, was seized for weeks last August by groups loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, who terrorized the local Christian population and damaged many churches. Although the town was later freed by security forces, many Muslim Brotherhood loyalists are commonly believed to blame Copts for allying with the interim government.

An attack on the Warraq Church in October 2013 left four dead and 18 injured.

Coptic activist Gamal Assad told Youm7 terrorist attacks would not stop at this point of bombing security targets, but would target Copts and churches, especially during the Easter festivities.

Medhatt Bishay, a Coptic thinker, also told Youm7 he recommended that Copts avoid gathering in front of churches and to finish the festivities quickly.

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