Building and Development Party undecided on boycotting elections
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CAIRO: Ahmed al-Iskandarani, the Building and Development Party spokesperson, said on Sunday that the party has not yet determined its final decision regarding boycotting the upcoming presidential elections, Youm7 reported.

He said the party will conduct a poll among its members before making its decision, adding that “the majority of the party members tend toward boycotting the elections.”

The Building and Development Party is affiliated with Gamaa Islamiyya, one of the most prominent Islamic groups in Egypt.

The party stated on March 29 that Egypt does not need another presidential election, and that this election will only increase existing polarization between Egyptians, particularly since former President Mohamed Morsi “is still the legitimate president.” They said former Defense Minister Abdel Fatah al-Sisi running for president will only lead to more complexity in the political scene.

Osama Hafez, vice president of the Shura Council of Gamaa Islamiyya, said the Islamic group and the Building and Development Party typically boycott the presidential elections, Al Masreyeen reported.

Meanwhile, other Islamic parties are still divided regarding whether to support candidates or boycott the elections.

Galal Morra, the secretary-general of the Nour Party, said the party would participate in the upcoming presidential elections and it will announce its support for a candidate following the High Presidential Elections Committee closing the window for nominations, adding that they are seeking to meet Sisi to discuss his electoral program, Al-Shorouk reported.

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