ISIL and Al-Qaeda dispute escalates, mediation fails
Ayman alzawahry - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A dispute between the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and a number of leaders of the extremist movement Al-Qaeda has escalated, following the interview conducted by Sehab Network (the media platform of ISIL) with Ayman Al-Zawahry, published on April 19.

Zawahry strongly criticized the leaders of ISIL, saying that the organization has been penetrated byalien forces. He added that his organization faces a serious conspiracy to drive a wedgebetween Jihadists to eliminate each other. He also said that the fighters of ISIL are not Jihadists.

The leader of Al-Qaeda called the fighters of ISIL not to obey the orders of their leaders, saying, “Those leaders will not protect you from God’s punishment.” He added, “If your leader ordered you to attack your Jihadist brothers, you should not obey him.”

Zawahry further implicitly threatened to withdraw legitimacy from ISIL, saying, “Legitimacy was withdrawn from the Armed Islamic Group in Algeria, and so it was undermined, while the nation provided legitimacy to the Taliban, and so it achieved victory.”

Zawahry’s statements were published a day after mounting criticism was launched against him byISIL Spokesperson Mohamed Al-Adnany on April 18. He said in a statement that Al-Qaeda has abandoned its neutral approach to pave the way for dividing Jihadists.

Meanwhile, two Egyptian fundamentalists attempted to perform the role of mediator between the Jihadist organizations, but failed bridge the gap between the two.

According to Youm7, Hany Al-Sebaie, Director of Makrizy Center for Historic Studies, and Tarik Abdel-Halim, Secretary of the Public Sunni Trend, announced their failure to reconcile between the leaders of ISIL and Al-Qaeda, blaming the obstinacy of ISIL’s leaders for their failure.

Sebaie and Abdel-Halim issued a statement on Sunday warning that ISIL could face the same fateas Algeria’s Armed Islamic Group. They stressed that they do not affiliate to any groups, and that they submitted their initiative to end the current differences.

They criticized the statements delivered by the Spokesperson of ISIL, describing them as shocking, and warned that such a statement could pave the way for a war.

They added, “ISIL turned to launch a smear campaign against  Zawahry through spreading false information about him and his organization. It has adopted an obstinate approach, and has lost the war in both Iraq and Syria.”

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