FM: Egypt will remain a friend to US despite current disputes
Egypt's Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy - REUTERS/Muhammad Hamed

CAIRO: Egypt Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy remarked over the weekend that the country “will remain friends with America even if we disagree with them,” in an interview with a Bahraini newspaper.

Political analyst Adel Soliman told The Cairo Post that Egyptian and U.S. relations have “strategic depths” that are decades old, and any recent comments by the minister reflect that history.

Fahmy seeks to show Egypt’s “good intentions” regarding its relations with the U.S., Soliman added, although the U.S.’s stance toward the upcoming presidential elections remains unclear.

During his interview with the newspaper Al Bilad, Fahmy said the U.S. has not fully understood Egypt’s situation after the events of June 30, and the Egyptian people’s aspirations, but it is incumbent upon the U.S. to understand that Egypt’s decisions reflect its sovereignty.

Egyptian-American relations have been tense since the military ouster of Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi on July 3, following sizeable demonstrations in the street.

After, the administration of U.S. President Barack Obama decided to withhold much of the $1.3 billion in annual aid provided to Egypt.

Fahmy acknowledged the U.S.’s global power in his interview: “The United Sates is currently leading the world and it will remain leading the world for a decade or two decades,” he said.

For that reason, it is in the interest of Egypt and the Arab world to maintain good relations with other countries including the U.S., he said.

At the same time, Egypt seeks to improve its foreign policy while also increasing its self-reliance, Fahmy added.

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