7am News Wrapup April 22

News & Politics:

Head of the Ambulance Authority Ahmed Al-Ansari said they received reports of 16 people who drowned in different governorates, mainly in Aswan, Gharbia, Menoufia, and Sohag.

Muslim Brotherhood supporters set fire to a police vehicle in front of a 6 October City mall, wounding one police officer.

Islamist political parties remain unclear regarding their stance on the upcoming presidential elections May 26 and 27.

Egypt Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy remarked over the weekend that the country “will remain friends with America even if we disagree with them.”


Egypt is to increase its contribution to the African Development Fund by $2 million after a presidential decree issued Monday.

Egypt is poised to enhance its gold market in an effort to boost its economy and its domestic gold market, and to attract buyers and investors.


The Ministry of Interior is due to launch a major crackdown on satellite television channels that violate licensing requirements.

Editor’s Pick:

Fermented salted fish: Sham El-Nessim’s traditional toxic delicacy

Over the years, a traditional dish of the Sham El-Nessim feast has continued to raise health concerns. The dish is Fesikh, consisting of fermented salted and dried gray mullet and herrings, often referred to as “rotten fish.”

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