April 6, Revolutionary Socialist did not receive invitation to meet Sabbahi
Hamdeen Sabbahi - YOUM7/Ahmad Ismail

CAIRO: Following presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi’s declaration Wednesday that he will meet with all political parties, both the Revolutionary Socialists and the April 6 Youth Movement complained that they did not receive invitations to participate in any meeting, Youm7 reported.

Head of the Popular Current movement Hamdeen Sabbahi and Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi are the only official presidential candidates after Sisi’s campaign presented approximately 200,000 endorsements to the High Presidential Elections Committee on April 14 and Sabbahi submitted 31,100 electoral endorsements from 17 governorates on Saturday.

Since Sabbahi declared his bid for president in March, he has met with several political parties to discuss his presidential program.

“Sabbahi will meet all the youth forces that belong to January 25 and June 30,” the media spokesperson of Sabbahi’s campaign Amr Badr told Youm7 Wednesday.

Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi visited the Wafd Party on March 16 to present his electoral program, according to the party’s newspaper.

Further, the spokesperson of National Partnership Current Mohamed Affifi told Youm7 on Wednesday that they will meet with Sabbahi on Thursday and the meeting will include a number of the revolutionary youth. During the meeting they will discuss Sabbahi’s electoral program.

Sabbahi’s campaign is communicating with the political powers to discuss his presidential platform, the official spokesperson of Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign Masoum Marzouk told Youm7 on Wednesday.

Member of the April 6 Youth Movement Mohamed Kamal told Youm7 on Wednesday that the movement did not receive an invitation to participate in Thursday’s meeting, as announced by Sabbahi.

Kamal asserted that they have not yet determined their stance with regards to who they will vote for, or whether they will boycott the elections, noting that they will declare their final stance in an official press conference.

Further, member of the Revolutionary Socialists Haitham Mohamdeen also stated that the movement did not yet decide who they will vote for, signaling that they will decide by next Thursday. He added that they did not receive an invitation from Sabbahi’s campaign regarding a meeting.

Reporting by Samar Salama and Iman Ali.

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