State claims international MB will launch terrorist plan next month
Clashes between Security forces and Pro-Muslim Brotherhood - YOUM7/Mohamed Awad

CAIRO: Security sources claimed Wednesday that the International Organization of the Muslim Brotherhood has an established plan to execute called the “terrorism plan,” which involves foreign secret intelligence services, in statements to Youm7.

This plan reportedly aims for the assassination of political and military leaders in the month of May, with foreign financing estimated at 20 million USD, as former Defense Minister and current presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is on top of the target list, Youm7 further stated.

Reportedly, the plan is sponsored by some elements from the Gaza Strip, who are allegedly members of brigades operating under the name of Ezz el-Din el-Qassam, affiliated with Palestinian militant group Hamas, which the state said were supporting the terrorist acts conducted by the Brotherhood and other militant groups after June 30.

As military and police officials have been targeted since, scattered militant groups began claiming responsibility for a series of deadly attacks, the most prominent of whom was Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis. The group has been linked to the Muslim Brotherhood by the government, though no clear evidence of the connection has arisen. The government declared the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization on Dec. 25.

Most Muslim Brotherhood leaders and members, including the former president and the former Supreme Guide, are facing trial on charges of treason, espionage and inciting violence, as investigations revealed alleged connections with Hamas and assistance to terrorist groups, in arms and training, as well as Hamas’ involvement in the jail outbreak incident thatoccurred during the 2011 revolution.

Both sides have been associated through Sinai crossing tunnels, which military forces have been destroying amid raids in Sinai. The Qassam brigades were implicated in the case known as the “Nasr City” terrorist network, whose leading members were allegedly obtaining support from Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis and the Qassam brigades to operate in Cairo.

Two of the suspects in that case, had traveled to the Gaza Strip and were received by Hamas for military training under the supervision of Qassam brigades, according to a copy of investigation reports carried out by State Security, published by El-Osboa Online on March 25.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Ahmed Tantawy.

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