Health Ministry sets plan to combat coronavirus
Minister of health Adel Adawi - YOUM7

CAIRO: The Ministry of Health has set an emergency plan to combat coronavirus after it was found in a number of camels in Egypt following its spread in various Middle Eastern countries, according to a Thursday statement issued by the ministry.

The statement includes the purpose of the plan, the symptoms of the virus, precautionary measures and what to do when someone is suspected to be infected with the virus.

The common symptoms of coronavirus are acute respiratory illness, fever, difficulty in breathing, shortness of breath, coughing, and in most cases pneumonia. In some (extreme) cases the virus may cause kidney failure, the statement added. The death rate of people infected with the virus has reached 50 percent.

Last Sunday, the health ministry announced in a statement that according to a study the National Research Center conducted, they discovered the virus in four camels out of 491 samples coming from Sudan and Ethiopia, but that they have not discovered any cases among humans.

The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report stating that 89 people have died from coronavirus out of 213 since November 2012, according to Egypt Independent.

The disease recently resurfaced in Jordan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Emirates, France, Germany, United Kingdom and Tunisia, according to the Thursday statement issued by Egypt’s Health Ministry. According to Ahram Online, WHO said that the virus cannot be easily transmitted to humans.

In February Youm7 reported that a 56-year-old woman was suspected of having coronavirus in Aswan, after she returned from Saudi Arabia, according to an official medical source at a hospital in Kom Ombo. However the Deputy Minister of Health denied that the woman had coronavirus.

Amr Qandil, chief of the ministry’s preventive medicine sector, told Youm7 Sunday that there have been no detected cases of coronavirus in Egypt until now, adding that they did not set any “exceptional plans” to combat the virus.

According to the Thursday statement issued by the ministry, the plan set by the ministry aims to discover the disease early and to limit and control the spreading of the disease if it appears in Egypt.

Furthermore, the plan includes providing publications in all health centers to raise awareness about the disease and to implement the instructions and procedures in the publications.

Additional reporting by Dana al-Hadedy.

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