Ghannushi visits Turkey to find alternative shelter for MB leaders
Leader of Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda Movement Rashed al-Ghannushi - AFP

CAIRO: Leader of Tunisia’s Islamist Ennahda Movement Rashed al-Ghannushi visited Turkey Thursday to discuss issues of common interest, including finding safe shelter for Muslim Brotherhood leaders, transferring Yusuf Al-Qaradawy out of Qatar and the current problems threatening a number of Islamist organizations related to the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Al-Arab Online, part of the reason behind Ghannushi’s visit to Ankara is to look for new shelter for Muslim Brotherhood leaders threatened with imprisonment in Egypt and a number of Arab Gulf States, especially due to the pressures exercised against Qatar.

Qatar is facing increasing pressures from a number of Arab Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain, due to its position regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. Critical countries turned to withdraw their ambassadors from Doha in protest against the sermons delivered by chairperson of the International Union of Muslim Scholars Yusuf Al-Qaradawy against the Arab Gulf States that supported the ousting of Egypt’s former President Mohamed Morsi.

Ghannushi withdrew from the opening session of the National Economic Dialogue conducted in Tunis to travel to Turkey on Wednesday. Ennahda Movement said that the visit comes to congratulate Erdogan on his party’s victory during recent elections, although observers refused such claims, stressing that the objectives of the visit transcend what was announced in this regard.

According to Deutsche Welle, the Qatari government ordered the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood to not deliver any statements to pave way for their transfer from Doha, including Qaradawy.

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