Neutral commission to supervises Wafd’s election, official
Assistant Chairperson of Wafd Party Safir Nour - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Assistant Chairperson of Wafd Party Safir Nour said that the Wafd’s elections, scheduled to be held on Friday, will be supervised by a neutral commission headed by Ibrahim Darwish, reported Youm7.

He added that the commission includes a number of legal experts and politicians, such as Head of the Bar Association Sameh Ashour, former Judge Tahani al-Gibali, rights activist Hafez Abu-Seda, and former Chairperson of the Tagammu Party Refaat al-Said.

The members of the party are scheduled to choose the chairperson of the party on Friday from between El-Sayed el-Badawy, current Chairperson of the party, and Fouad Badrawy, Secretary General of the party.

Badawy had previously stated that he decided not to run for the elections, but that he faced serious pressures from the members of the party to take the step. He added, in an interview with Nahar Satellite Channel on Thursday, that June 30 has not achieved its objectives due to what he described as the “imbecility of Muslim Brotherhood.”

According to Youm7, Badawy said on Friday, on the sideline of the elections currently beingconducted in the headquarters of the party in Dokki, “The current elections are being held between members of the same family. Both the winner and the loser will be unified in one hand after the elections.”

Badawy was elected as the Chairperson of the Wafd Party for the first time in May, 2010, after surpassing his competitor Mahmoud Abaza

On the other hand, Fouad Badrawy expressed his keenness to maintain the unification of the party, adding that the party should not be divided because of the elections. He added, in a press statement on Thursday, “I struggled to prevent any electoral coalitions between the liberal party and Muslim Brotherhood.”

He further blamed the current Chairperson of the party for the current financial crisis witnessed in the party, saying that the party’s budget had been 90 million EGP, whereas it dropped to 32 million EGP four years after Badawy’s presidency.

However, Badawy denied the accusations that he embezzled the funds of the party, saying that he, not the party, bore the expenses of the tour conducted by the popular delegations to a number of countries. He stressed the importance of such tours that aim to improve Egypt’s relations with these countries.

In the same context, the National Council for Human Rights announced on Thursday that it would participate in supervising the elections, adding that the council participated in monitoring the 2010 elections, in which Badawy won the presidency of the party.

According to the Wafd Newspaper, the Chairperson of NCHR Mohamed Fayek said that the council would participate in supervising the elections upon a request from the party due to the experience of the council in this regard, in addition its integrity and independence.

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