ICFR to inspect human rights violations in Egyptian prisons
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CAIRO: The International Coalition for Freedom and Rights (ICFR) announced Saturday that they will send a human rights delegation to Egypt from April 27 to 29 to monitor reported violations in Egyptian prisons

ICFR said the delegation will visit Tora prison, Wadi al-Natrun prison, Tanta prison and Damanhur prison

By dispatching the delegation, ICFR aims to assess reported violations on human rights and abuse of detainees in Egyptian prisons, said a Saturday statement

The delegation will include Belgian lawyer Gorge Henry, Dutch lawyer Andre Seebregts, American lawyer James Russell and a number of international criminal lawyers and media personnel, reported Youm7

The delegation is set to attend the April 28 trial of Muslim Brotherhood Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie, Mohamed Saad al-Katatny, and 683 others in Minya, reported Youm7. The delegation is also schedule to attend the appeal hearing of the 529 people who were sentenced to death by Minya’s prosecution on March 24. They were charged with storming a Minya police station and killing a police officer

ICFR’s delegation will meet with the Attorney General, Minister of Justice, director of the prisons’ department, and the Ministry of Interior’s assistant for human rights in order to hear their viewpoints about the allegations of torture and abuse

Numerous prisoners have presented complaints to the National Council for Human Rights in recent months, alleging that they are being tortured, abused and sexually assaulted while in detention.

Despite the increase in the number of reports of torture in recent months the Ministry of Interior has repeatedly denied such claims

.Additional reporting by Ahmed Arafa 

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