Borhamy’s Sisi endorsement ‘personal decision’: Nour Party leader
Yasser Borhami - YOUM7/Hussein Tallal

CAIRO: The endorsement of presidential candidate Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi by Yasser Borhamy is his “personal opinion,” said the head of training and education at Nour Party, Mohamed Ayad Saturday, reported Youm7.

Dr. Yasser Borhamy, a controversial cleric known as a firebrand, is the vice-head of the Salafist Call. He has previously made statements that Christians are unfit to hold high office in Egypt, and on Saturday was referred to the general prosecution by the Attorney General for contempt of Christianity, after he made remarks disparaging to the Easter holiday.

Borhamy had previously announced that the Nour Party would not support Sisi for the presidency in a February interview with Lebanese newspaper Al-Safir.

Ayad told Youm7 Borhamy’s endorsement of Sisi did not obligate the party to endorse him as well. “Everybody is talking about their opinions and what they think so why would we prevent Borhamy from expressing what he thinks?”

The first round of elections are scheduled for May 26 and 27.

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