Borhamy accused of contempt of Christianity
Yasser Borhami - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt’s Attorney General Hisham Barakat referred Saturday Vice-Chair of the Salafi Call Yasser Borhami to Cairo Prosecution on accusations of insulting Christianity and raising sectarian tension, reported Al-Shorouq.

“Borhami insulted Christianity. He described the Easter as blasphemy. He also insulted the Christians, describing them as polytheists and disbelievers,” said Naguib Gebrael, Chairperson of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights in an interview with Yaqeen Network Saturday.

He added that the Salafist leader called for preventing the Copts from running for presidency and taking high positions, adding that “such calls contradict with the principles of the modern state laid by June 30 demonstrations.”

Borhami made a fatwa on “I am Salafist” website Wednesday that Muslims should not congratulate the Christians on Easter, saying that it is blasphemy.

Egypt’s Ministry of Endowment has refused to allow Borhami delivers Friday sermons in mosques affiliated to the ministry.

Secretary of Endowment Ministry Mohamed Abdel-Razek said in a phone call with Mehewar Satellite Channel that, “The ministry will not allow anyone ascends to the platforms related to the ministry without a certificate from Al-Azhar.” He added that the preachers should not affiliate to any political parties or movements.

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