Iskandar in Kafr el-Sheikh for recycling projects
Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Kafr el-Sheikh governorate will embark on a waste recycling project next week, Governor Mohamed Agwa said at a meeting with Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar Sunday, reported Youm7.

Iskandar visited the governorate as part of her ministry’s initiative to separate solid and organic waste, which would create 7 to 8 job opportunities per ton of recycled waste, according to the minister.

“The foundation for waste recycling is the citizen, because every household should have two waste bags; one for organic and one for solid waste,” Iskandar told Youm7.

The solid waste would be recycled and organic waste would be used in fertilizer plants, Iskandar said.

“The meeting touched on a bioenergy project for sustainable development in Egyptian villages, which aims to produce biogas from organic waste and animal dung,” secretary general of the Environmental Affairs Service Ahmed Abou el-Saud, who attended the meeting, told Youm7.

The fertilizer projects that depend on waste recycling would provide 100,000 job opportunities, Abou el-Saud said.

Iskandar said at the meeting that she aims at eradicating garbage hills in five years to facilitate investment in certain areas. She also discussed drafting a timetable to implement the project in all governorates “as soon as possible,” Youm7 reported.

Waste is an urgent problem that imposes itself on all aspects of life, Agwa said at the meeting, adding that Kafr el-Sheikh collects 1,950 tons of waste per day, and transfers 1,360 tons a day to landfills at a monthly expense of one million EGP.

Kafr el-Sheikh lies in the northern part of Egypt, alongside the western branch of the Nile Delta. Its estimate population is two and a half million, according to the State Information Service website.

Agwa requested four million EGP from Iskandar to raise the efficiency of Kafr el-Sheikh’s two waste recycling plants, head of the Environmental Affairs of Middle Delta Gamal al-Saidi, who also attended the meeting, told Youm7.

Reporting by Mohamed Suleiman and Manal el-Essawy.

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