Conflicting tribes in Aswan to sign commitment memorandum
Grand Imam of Al-Azhar Ahmed el-Tayeb - YOUM7/Sami Waheeb

CAIRO: The two conflicting tribes in Aswan are going to sign a memorandum of commitment contract under the supervision of Al-Azhar Grand Imam Sheikh Ahmed al-Tayeb and the Minister of Religious Endowments,

The memorandum is set to authorize the reconciliation committee to continue its efforts in ending the conflict between both tribes, Youm7 reported.

The spokesperson of the reconciliation committee Al-Sayed al-Idrissy stated that both the Beni-Helal and Daboudia tribes agreed to sign the memorandum, thus committing themselves to it. He noted that they have set a penalty clause for 2-5 million EGP if they breach the articles they agreed on in the truce.

Clashes erupted between both tribes on April 4, leaving 27 dead.

The Nubian Daboudia tribe has signed the agreement, while the Beni Helal tribe is consulting with each other over two days on the penalty clause, Idrissy added.

He called on media outlets to take caution and not to publish any news that could incite anger among the tribes.

Deputy Minister of Religious Endowments Gaber Tayee said that reconciliation committee met with the conflicting tribes and heard both sides when they received notice that both tribes are ready for reconciliation to end the bloody conflict.

Further, Aswan Security Directorate arrested new suspects in the bloody clashes, bringing the total number of arrested suspects to 47, Aswan Security Director Hassan al-Sohagy told Youm7.

Al-Azhar Grand Imam Ahmed al-Tayeb visited Aswan on April 13, amid efforts to reconcile the two feuding tribes.

Tayeb formed a fact-finding committee based in Aswan under the supervision of the governor, tasked with investigation as well as mediating reconciliation, he said in a press conference broadcasted from Aswan.

The conference was attended by both parties in the conflict, the Beni-Helal and the Daboudia tribes, who welcomed Tayeb’s initiatives, and “were serious about avoiding more bloodshed,” Tayeb said, adding that they committed to follow the committee’s future recommendations.

Additional reporting by Abd Allah Salah.

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