April 6 Democratic Front legal committee: we will appeal the ban
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CAIRO: Head of April 6 Democratic Front legal committee Sherif al-Hosary said on Tuesday that the movement will appeal the decision  issued Monday to ban the movement in front of the Administrative Court, Youm7 reported.

Hosary said, in a press conference held by the movement, that the prosecution did not determine the headquarters that will be repossessed until now, noting that the movement has no headquarters.

Further, the movement said that the verdict is the “last nail in the coffin of the current regime,” describing the verdict as unjust. The movement said that April 6 is not just a movement but also “an idea and ideas do not die.”

The movement said in its press conference that describing the movement as banned is an honor for it and evidence that the movement is “walking in the revolution’s path.”

Cairo Court for Urgent Matters issued a decision on Monday to ban the activities of April 6 Movement and seize its headquarters after a lawsuit demanded that the president, prime minister, interior minister, minister of defense and the Attorney General suspend and ban the movement’s activities and seize its headquarters for ‘defaming Egypt’s image and working for other countries,’ ONA reported.

Ashraf Saeed, who filed the lawsuit, said that his lawsuit is based on the leaked records aired by Abdel Reheem Ali on his program “Black Box” on Al-Qahira Wal Nas channel.

The Misr al-Qawia Students Movement announced its solidarity with April 6 against the verdict, stating that this verdict is a return of the old regime’s oppressive practices, Al-Masry Al-Youm reported.

The movement said on Tuesday that the court issued the verdict out of its jurisdiction as these kinds of cases should be held under the jurisdiction of the administrative court.

Hamdeen Sabbahi’s campaign similarly criticized the verdict, rejecting the restriction of peaceful expression. It said that this verdict indicates the return of oppression, Al-Mogaz website reported.

The campaign warned in a Monday statement against using the judiciary to achieve political goals, and using it as a tool of repression in the hands of any regime.

The campaign said that the repetition of the practices of banning and restriction deducts from the gains of the January 25 Revolution.

Additional reporting by Eman Ali.

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