7am News Wrapup April 30

The Cabinet announced that the International Criminal Court has decided to dismiss Muslim Brotherhood complaints about death penalties handed down by the Egyptian judiciary.


The Administrative Judiciary Court ruled Tuesday that it has no jurisdiction to revoke the protest law.

The National Security Authority arrested a “terrorist cell” Tuesday that allegedly planned to assassinate the interim President Adly Mansour.


Five international organizations including Democracy International (DI) are set to monitor all stages of the presidential elections.

April 6 Democratic Front will appeal the decision issued Monday to ban the movement in front of the Administrative Court.


Banking experts are claiming that the power cuts are negatively affecting banking transitions including deposits, withdrawals and repayment of loans.

Citadel Capital announced that the company is set to establish the Citadel Company for Energy in Egypt.


Egypt’s authorities seized 10 artifacts that were stolen from the Egyptian Museum during the January 25 Revolution.

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