Tamarod blasts April 6
Leading member of Tamarod Movement Mohamed Nabawy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A Tamarod spokesperson challenged critics of the verdict against April 6 who “underestimate the Egyptian judiciary” to produce evidence of the group’s innocence, Youm 7 reported Wednesday.

Mohamed Nabawy, a spokesperson for Tamarod, which organized a petition campaign to oust Mohamed Morsi, and participated in the June 30 demonstrations, told Youm7 that the decisions of the Egyptian judiciary were “based on evidence.”

 All activities of the April 6 Youth Movement, a prominent movement involved in the January 25 revolution, were banned Monday by a decision from Abdeen Court for Urgent Matters.

Another Tamarod spokesperson Iman al-Mahdy said on Monday that  Tamarod had some reservation on April 6 Movement during the past period, saying the actions of April 6 “have become strange recently and its ideology has become different.”

According to al-Shorouq newspaper al-Mahdy said in a phone call on MBC Masr, that April 6 had “colluded with the Muslim Brotherhood group to attack the country’s institutes,” adding that they participated in protests “hostile” to the country.

A number of political parties have criticized the verdict against April 6, including Masr Al-Hurriya Party and Kefaya. The head of the National Council for Human Rights, Abdel Gaffar Shokr said on the Manshet program “I am against restricting the citizen’s rights in practicing political activity, even through laws.”

All parties in civil society who do not call for violence “must be granted peaceful movement,” said presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi during Al-Adl party’s press conference on Monday.

April 6 political bureau member Mohamed Mostafa told Youm7 Monday that the verdict of the court was “expected,” and added that the movement would study legal and political escalation procedures.

Additionally reporting by Aya Hosni

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