Over 15,000 judges to be assigned to presidential elections: HPEC
Judges Oversee The Presidential Elections - YOUM7/ Maher Iskandar

CAIRO: A total 15,397 judges will oversee the upcoming presidential elections slated for May 26-27, said the general secretary of the High Presidential Elections Committee (HPEC) on Thursday.

Abdel Azizi Salman added in his statement to Youm7 that the voting papers will be distributed to the judges one or two days before the elections.

Popular Current member Hamdeen Sabbahi and Field Marshall Abdel Fatah al-Sisi are the only two candidates in the presidential elections.

Egyptian expatriates will begin voting between May 15-18.

A total of 144 embassies and consulates will serve as polling stations in 124 different countries. Elections will not be held in Libya, Syria and two other countries due to security reasons, Al-Ahram English reported, adding that those who reside in these countries will have to travel to other nearby countries where there are polling stations.

On Wednesday the HPEC notified presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi that announcing his electoral platform ahead of the official date set for presidential campaigns is a clear violation of campaign rules.

Campaigns for presidential candidates are scheduled to begin on May 3 and end on May 23.

The announcement came following a Wednesday press conference held by Sabbahi, during which he explained his electoral platform. The commission commented on the conference, saying that “it will consider taking legal actions against Sabbahi who announced his vision during the press conference.”

For securing the presidential elections, a military source told Shorouk Newspaper Thursday that 170,000 soldiers and police officers will participate in securing the electoral process, while according to Al-Masry Al youm about 300,00 police officers were designated by the Interior Ministry to secure the elections.

Additional reporting by Alaa Radwan.

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