Egypt receives 3 ancient artifacts from Germany
Egypt’s Ambassador to Germany Mohamed Hegazy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Egypt received three Ancient Egyptian artifacts from Germany, after a German court verdict ordered for Egypt to be able to reclaim its artifacts, announced Egypt’s Foreign Ministry on Thursday.

Egypt’s ambassador to Germany Mohamed Hegazy alongside an Egyptian delegation received the three pieces, which were intercepted by the German custom’s authority of Stuttgart before being smuggled to Belgium in 2009, the ministry added in a statement.

The three artifacts are from Saqqara and include a limestone obelisk that dates back to the Fifth Dynasty (2340-2220 BC) named Khu, a limestone sarcophagus of a sacred statue that dates back to the Nineteenth Dynasty (1279 – 1250 BC) and is for Ramses II’s son prince Khaemweset, and a black granite statue to priest Merneptah with a family tree that dates back to 650 BC.

The delivery of the artifacts to the Egyptian embassy was attended by the cultural counselor at the Egyptian embassy in Berlin Mamdouh Eldamaty, German Minister of State at the Federal Foreign Office Maria Böhmer, and Friederike Seyfried, director of the Egyptian Museum in Berlin, the statement said.

In their speeches, both Hegazy and Böhmer highlighted the cooperation between both countries to maintain Egypt’s heritage and monuments.

On April 28, Egyptian authorities seized 10 artifacts that were stolen from the Egyptian Museum during the January 25 Revolution. The stolen artifacts include a Tutankhamun statue made of wood and trimmed with gold and bronze, a bronze statue of the deity Apis dating back to the Greco-Roman era, and eight Shawabti statues.

In a press conference held on Tuesday, Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim announced that Cairo will reclaim eight artifacts from the U.S. within a few days.

On April 18, an attempt to smuggle Jewish antiquities to Belgium was foiled by Egyptian security personnel. The seized artifacts include 11 wooden cylinder Torah cases inlaid with engraved silver and lined with velour, a silver knife dating back to 1890, a silver crown and a menora

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