Evangelical Church: female priesthood raises controversy
Andrea Zaki, Deputy Chairperson of Egypt's Evangelical Church - YOUM7/Hisham Said

CAIRO: Egypt’s Evangelical Synod decided to refer the issue of the ordination of female priests to the executive commission of the synod to conduct the necessary studies and seminars in this regard, reported Youm7.

The Synod took its position on the issue based upon the decision taken by the Constitutional and Judicial Council not to allow the ordination of women priests, against the backdrop of the appeal submitted against the decision of the Cairo Evangelical Synod.

The Cairo Evangelical Synod decided to allow the ordination of women priests during its session conducted on January 19, 2012.

Pastor Eid Salah, Head of Evangelical Constitutional and Judicial Council, said in a statement to VetoGate news website that the decision of the council overturned the decision taken by the Cairo Synod. He added that such decisions should be taken by the Supreme Synod of the Evangelical Church.

On the other hand, Deputy Chairperson of Egypt’s Evangelical Church Andrea Zaki said to The Cairo Post, “The Synod delayed the decision to pave the way for more studies in this regard.” He stressed that it was delayed, not cancelled.

Female priesthood has sparked a lot of controversy among churches in Egypt, due to the differences in their policies in this regard. The Orthodox and Catholic Church expressed their rejection of the idea due to their faith, while there is a state of division inside the Evangelical Church in this regard.

Head of the Evangelical Synod Ekram Lamei said that the church is turns towards adopting a dialogue between progressives and conservatives to reach a compromise. He said that the faith of the Evangelical Church is based on equality between the men and women.

He clarified to Moheet Website that they do not have degrees of priesthood, but that priesthood in their vision is a job, adding that the woman has the right to apply for the job.

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