Manpower Minister: The current labor law is unjust
Minister of Manpower Nahed Hassan al-Ashry - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Spokesperson of the Ministry of Manpower Yasser al-Sherbini said that over 45,000 persons applied for the jobs that the ministry announced last week.

He said that officials from a number of corporations have turned to the ministry to obtain the applications to pave the way for contacting the applicants.

The Ministry of Manpower issued a statement on April 18 to announce that it would receive the applications for 32,000 jobs within the private and business sectors.

Sherbini added in a phone call on State television that the current labor law does not guarantee job security for the employees in the private sector, due to what he described as weak legislations. He added that the government is working to amend these laws

Former Minister of Manpower Kamal Abu-Eita formed committees to amend the law in 2013 to meet the ambitions of the workers who described the law as disreputable due to its bias towards employers at the expense of the employees.

In the same context, Minister of Manpower Nahed al-Ashry stressed the need for forming a National Council for Social Dialogue to bridge the gap of difference between the employers and the employees. She added that the council will provide support for the economic projects, clarifying that the Cabinet is scheduled to discuss the projects during its next meeting.

Ashry added, in an interview with Al-Ahram on April 30, that unemployment is one of the major challenges posed against the world as a whole, and not only Egypt. She added, “The Ministry managed to provide over 32,000 jobs recently. We received thousands of applications in this regard.”

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  1. ahmed bata
    May 3, 2014 at 1:34 am

    after ruining public sector that is bloated with excess employees, the gov’t seeks to do the same to the private sector.

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