British Ambassador to Cairo welcomes Egypt’s demand to freeze MB funds
James Watt, British Ambassador in Egypt - YOUM7/Essam Elshamy

CAIRO: Judicial sources said Egyptian authorities called on the British government to freeze funds affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood to pave the way for returning them to the country, and that British Ambassador James Watt welcomed the demands.

According to Youm7, the sources said that British Ambassador to Cairo James Watt expressed readiness to help Egypt return the smuggled money. He called on Egypt’s judiciary to prepare a report on the approach adopted by the members of the group to smuggle the money.

The Egyptian demands come weeks after the decision taken by British Prime Minister David Cameron to conduct investigations over the activities exercised by the group in his country amid fears that the Brotherhood is involved in recent terrorist actions witnessed in Egypt.

British Ambassador to Kuwait Frank Baker said that his government is still preparing the report related to the activities exercised by the Brotherhood, according to MENA.

He added, during his participation in the celebration of South Africa’s National Day on April 29, “We do not have any accusations against anyone. It is not [the] right thing to make any statements about this issue now.”

He further noted that Cameron’s decision comes to ensure that the government adopts the right approach in dealing with the Brotherhood.

On the other hand, a member of the diplomatic staff authorized to investigate MB’s activities, Daniel Kosinski, welcomed the step, saying that the increasing role performed by the Brotherhood provided importance to the assessment of the activities of the organization.

He signaled in his article published on The Conservative Home that the Brotherhood’s actions have increased the anxiety of a number of Gulf States, including Saudi Arabia.

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