Nour Party to support Sisi in presidential race
Abdel Fatah al-Sisi - Photo courtesy of Al-Nour Party Official Facebook page

CAIRO: The Salafist Nour party announced Saturday that it will support Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi in the presidential elections slated for May 26-27.

In a press statement, Nour Party said that it held a meeting headed by party head Younes Makhioun to decide which candidate would receive the party’s support in the elections. The majority of voters selected Sisi.

The official presidential campaign period for the two presidential candidates, Sisi and the Popular Current’s Hamden Sabbahi, beganSaturday and will continue until three days prior to the start of elections.

The two presidential candidates created Twitter hashtags as part of their campaign, including Sisi’s hashtag called #LongLiveEgypt (in Arabic), while Sabbahi’s hashtag is #WeWillContinuetheDream, Youm7 reported.

“I promise to work hard, and I demand that everybody would take responsibility with me,” said Sisi on his official Twitter account. “Building this country is the responsibility of us all.”

Supporters and members of Sabbahi’s campaign took to Twitter to announce their support for his presidential bid.

“We want to build a country that expresses the goals of our revolution. My vote is for Hamdeen Sabbahi,” member of Sabbahi’s electoral campaign Mohamed Abdel Aziz tweeted using Sabbahi’s hashtag.

The presidential elections will face several challenges ahead, especially after recent explosions that took place targeting security personnel.

Security expert Abdel Rafea Darwesh told The Cairo Post that there is a link between the mounting terrorist operations and the imminent onset of the presidential elections, and they seek to prevent the elections from taking place.

Ministry of Interior spokesperson Hany Abdel Lattif accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being involved in the operations, adding in a phone call to Mehwar TV on Friday that there is full coordination between Al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhoods in all “terrorist” operations that have taken place since June 30.

Abdel Lattif said the Soldiers of Egypt, Ansra Bayt al-Maqdis and other terrorist groups are names used as a cover for the Brotherhood and Al-Qaeda’s operations.

The Brotherhood has consistently denied such accusations.

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