Exams at Cairo’s universities to be heavily secured
Cairo University campus - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: A total of 173 students have been denied the ability to take exams at Cairo University after being expelled for their alleged implication in violence, head of the university Gaber Nassar told Youm7 Saturday.

Some of the expelled students challenged their expulsion before the Court of Administrative Judiciary, and they have been allowed to take the exams. However, their tests would not be corrected until the court rules in their cases, Nassar said.

“There are 230 students from Cairo University who are detained pending trial, and they take their exams in their location of detention,” Nassar said, adding that 38 other students were referred to the disciplinary department, but have been allowed to take exams because no decision has been made in their regard yet.

The administrative security of Cairo University announced a “state of alert” during the exams, and is using sniffer dogs to detect for the possibility of explosives, as well as female personnel to search students of the same gender, Youm7 reported.

Police forces are deployed outside the university, but will intervene in coordination with the university administration if anything disrupts the exam process, a source in the administrative security told Youm7.

Four anti-riot trucks have been stationed outside the main gate of Cairo University and six Central Security Forces trucks have been stationed at Nahda Square near the university, according to Youm7.

Deputy Head of Ain Shams University Mohamed al-Toukhi told Youm7 that the university would not disclose the number of expelled students who have been denied the ability to take exams.

Exceptional procedures will be followed during the exam period, such as hiring a security company to support the university’s administrative security, Toukhi said.

Detained Ain Shams University students are taking their exams inside their detention centers, Toukhi told Masrawy April 30.

In Al-Azhar University, 25 students were “definitively” expelled after investigations “proved” their implication in attacks inside the university, Masrawy reported deputy head of the university Tawfiq Nour el-Deen as saying on April 4.

A well-placed source in the university told Youm7 that the arrested students are taking their exams while in detention.

Most of Egypt’s universities postponed the winter term several times and expedited the final exams due to ongoing anti-government protests on university campuses. Violence inside universities resulted in the detention of hundreds of students and the death several other students.

On April 2, three bombs were detonated outside Cairo University, which killed two police officers.

Reporting by Hany Mohamed, Wael Rabei and Mahmoud Ragheb.

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