Libyan security arrest 50 Egyptian illegal immigrants
Libyan security forces - REUTERS

CAIRO: Libyan military sources said that Omar al-Mokhtar battalion patrols managed to stop the illegal immigration of 50 Egyptians through Siwa Oasis on Saturday, Youm7 reported.

Some of the Egyptians were injured when the car flipped during a car chase.

The 50 illegal immigrants were arrested near the Egyptian-Libyan borders in Qaret al-Nehas area south east of Jaghbub Oasis.

Chief of the Libyan army battalion Omar al-Mokhtar Colonel Ali Zekri announced Saturday that gunmen block away the Libyan patrol and tried to release the arrested Egyptians, Al-Bawabh reported.

Zekri said the clashes started between the gunmen and the security patrol near Jaghbub Oasis, in which two soldiers were injured.

An Egyptian worker was killed and three others were injured during clashes between a Libyan army patrol and gunmen who were trying to sneak 50 Egyptians into Libya, Dostor reported.

Libyan sources said that the killed man named Ragab Abdel Naeem, 32, and Mahmoud Ateya, 42, has dangerous injuries and was transported to Tobruk Hospital.

This is not the first such incident. On April 26, Matrouh security director Al-Anani Hammouda said the criminal investigation administration, with cooperation with the Armed Forces, managed to arrest 64 Egyptians in Siwa Oasis who tried to immigrate illegally to Libya, Vetogate reported.

Military prosecution decided to imprison the suspects for four days pending investigation.

Additional reporting by Hassan Mashaly.

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