Morsi’s son trial adjourned to June 3

CAIRO: Banha Criminal Court conducted the first session trial of ousted President Mohamed Morsi‘s son Abdullah and his friend on Sunday. The trial was adjourned to June 3 upon the defendants’ lawyers’ request to summon the head of forensic doctors, according to Youm7.

Banha prosecution office previously received the forensic authority report, which confirmed that the two cigarettes found with the two defendants were hash joints. Their blood and urine drug tests came back positive for drug abuse.

Abdullah and his friend were arrested last February when three police officers spotted them smoking the joints in a parked car, which belonged to Abdullah’s friend’s relative, in Obour City, according to The Cairo Post.

The police officers searched the car and found one lit joint in the ashtray and another unlit one in the glove compartment. The defendants denied all charges when questioned by the court on Sunday if they used drugs, investigations revealed.

Defense lawyers requested the court to adjourn the trial so they can summon the head of the forensic doctors to debate if second-hand smoking could have affected the defendants and led to the positive tests.

The defense lawyers alleged that the defendants were interrogated inside a room full of drugs and hash smokes, reported Youm7.

The charge of drug possession and abuse can lead to a prison sentence in Egypt.

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