Official: We adopted 3-month plan to develop Ras Mohamed
Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Environmental Affairs Agency chairperson Amr Al-Samak said they allocated 12 million
EGP to develop the pistils, roads, and services in Ras Mohamed Protectorate in a plan to increase the efficiency of natural reserves, Youm7 reported.

Minister of Environment Laila Iskandar announced their plan to develop the protectorate during a press conference in Sharm Al-Sheikh back in November.

“We started to execute the plan a week ago in cooperation with the Ministry of Housing and will continue for three months,” Samak told Youm7. He said the plan is scheduled to include a number of other protectorates.

South Sinai’s hunters organized a protest in front of the Fishermen’s Association in Mount

Sinai against the decision to suspend fishing activities for three months in Ras Mohamed

Protectorate. They called the government to honor its commitment to compensate them for the

decision that harmed their livelihood.

Leader of South Sinai’s hunters Al-Shazly Ahmed told Sherouk Newspaper that the hunters committed to the governmental decision to maintain the fish mating and to protect the coral.

The Egyptian government decided to prevent fishing during the fish mating season. Many experts believe that Ras Mohamed Protectorate was strongly harmed due to the overfishing. The decision was made to meet the calls adopted by a number of organizations interested in protecting the

HEPCA Organization. They condemned the increasing fishing in Ras Mohamed Protectorate without any

interference from the government. It added that such approach threatens Egypt’s natural wealth.

According to Dostoor News website, HEPCA Executive Manager Amr Ali said that overfishing

violates the main objective of the protectorate. He warned that the phenomenon could leave disastrous

repercussions in the near future if the government failed to contain this threat.

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