Egypt Press Review: May 6


Youm7 press


Presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi has placed health and education at the top of his presidential program, in a televised interview on Monday.

The defense lawyer of former Deputy Minister of Interior Adly Fayed said he doubts 90 percent of the medical reports in his case and blames the Muslim Brotherhood for killing protesters at a hearing of the Cairo Criminal Court, adjourned to May 10.


The Ministry of Health is confirming whether a woman who died at the Port Said Fever Hospital was infected with coronavirus.

A power shortage reached 3,000 megawatts in some areas where there was no electricity for more than 12 continuous hours.

Ahram press


Presidential campaigns and activities: Sisi met with pension holders and obtained the support of Wadi El-Natrun Arab tribes, while Hamdeen Sabbahi met with Mahalla workers and taxi drivers.


Cairo University students stormed the legal department building.

According to Aswan’s security directorate, a Sudanese man affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood provided weapons to people in the bloody tribal clashes that took place weeks ago in Aswan.

Akhbar press


Sisi’s presidential campaigns organized a number of conferences and marches in Sharqia, Menoufia, North Sinai, Beheira, Fayoum and obtained the support of the Sufi party in Minya.

Meanwhile, Sabbahi’s campaign operated in Suez and Gharbia.


April 6 organized a press conference at the Press Syndicate despite its banning by the government.

The High Presidential Elections Committee decided that voting sheets will have the pictures of the candidates printed on them.

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

The Cabinet is looking into the issue of subsidized fuel and gas energy.

A Russian military delegation is to meet with officials of Egypt’s army in Cairo to discuss an arms deal.

The Cabinet decided that a combination of both the individual and list candidacy systems should be adopted in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

State television newscasters, reporters and employees criticized presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi for meeting with television hosts from private satellite channels and speaking to them about state television’s economic problems.

The government is considering the increase of gas energy prices for industries with high consumption rates to decrease nearly 15 billion EGP in government energy subsidies.

A crisis erupted between citizens and market sellers after they refused to properly apply a three percent decrease in food commodity prices, as set by Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab.

Due to power outages for several hours in governorates, shops had to close down and water was cut in some towns in Dakahlia.


Health and tourism authorities call for a state of emergency regarding pilgrimage flights to and from Saudi Arabia after an increase in MERS infections.

Egypt Telecom decided that the price for licensing a fourth telecommunications company will be 2.5 billion EGP.

Al-Shorouq press


Presidential campaigns for candidates Abdel Fatah al-Sisi and Hamdeen Sabbahi continue their competition in the governorates, amid reported assaults on members from both campaigns.

Power outages irritated a number of citizens in different governorates as the Ministry of Electricity is calling on people to reduce their consumption.


The total number of expelled students from Azhar University reached 300, in addition to another 1,200 students under investigation for participating in pro-Muslim Brotherhood protests.

Defense Minister Sedki Sobhi sent a military plane to look for five people who have been missing since Sunday morning after they were lost on their way to work in Kom-Ombu in Aswan.

Security forces in Sinai chased away two members from the militant group Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis to prevent them from conducting “terrorist” attacks, which resulted in the killing of an unknown number of the group’s members.

A new draft law to regulate the use of potable water suggests penalties and fees up to 100,000 EGP for any person guilty of damaging water pumps or involved in any action causing water waste.

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