Sabbahi to Mahalla workers: ’I can see the promise of victory in your faces’
Hamdeen Sabbahi during his press conference in Mahalla - Photo courtesy of

CAIRO: Presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi held a press conference in Mahalla on Monday after security forces contained skirmishes that erupted between his supporters and supporters of rival candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

Sisi supporters had staged a protest against Sabbahi, who was holding a campaign rally in the city late Monday, Youm7 reported.

Sabbahi had also celebrated Labor Day with the Mahalla workers, as his campaign had previously announced that Sabbahi’s visit would be postponed to adhere with the dates of campaigning put forth by the High Presidential Elections Committee, according to his website.

“I can see the promise of victory in your faces. Mahalla workers who believe in the revolution and the rights of the martyrs … I salute you,” Sabbahi said.

The presidential candidate added, “We hope for justice, the ability to dream and victory for the oppressed people and those who dream of freedom in this country. My goal is to end grievances and achieve social justice,” Sabbahi said, according to his website.

Sabbahi told the Mahalla workers that his platform includes reviving the public sector, particularly the weaving and textile sector, and he promised to encourage small and medium-sized enterprises.

The key to social justice is to increase production and fair distribution, he said, adding that the public sector was “looted” during the regime of Hosni Mubarak.

According to MENA, Sabbahi also said that his first decisions if elected president would be to amend the anti-protest law, and eliminate corruption.

“No place in prisons will be for those who express their opinion peacefully,” Sabbahi added.

Campaigning for presidential candidates began May 3 and will end on May 23.

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