Locals blame Jinn for house fires
Houses fire in Sohag - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Locals at Al-Boha village in Souhag blamed Jinn, supernatural creatures in Islam, of a fire that broke out and destroyed several houses on Monday morning, according to Youm7.

The fire abruptly broke out and burned 12 houses before firemen rushed to the scene to be able to control it.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity sent tents for those affected by the blaze as temporary homes.

The source of the fire is still unknown and several locals attributed it to Jinn.

“After the fire was controlled, I asked the neighbors in 14 burnt houses regarding the cause of the fire and they all confirmed that it was unknown,” a neighboring housewife told Youm7.

Another local said that as soon as they tried to extinguish the fire, the flames rose up again.

“The fire appeared on the rooftop of my house before it broke out into another nearby house,” another local told Youm7.

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