Metro plans to remove street vendors
Street vendors stands in front of Metro Station causing congestion - YOUM7/Mahmoud Hefnawy

CAIRO: Street vendors will be removed from metro stations gradually in cooperation with the police in the coming months, head of the state-run company that manages the metro, Ali Fadaly, told Youm7 on Tuesday.

The plan will begin with the Ghamra, Gamal Abdel Nasser, Demerdash, Ataba, Shubra el-Kheima and Behouth metro stations, he said.

Instead, a market allocated for Cairo’s street vendors will be established on Galaa Street in the Ramses district, director of the General Administration of Cairo Facilities police Ibrahim al-Zayyat told the Al-Ahram Massai newspaper in March.

Zayyat told Vetogate in April that the market on Galaa Street will have two floors and will accommodate 2,000 street vendors in downtown Cairo, Ataba and Ramses.

A number of street vendors said they were satisfied with plans for the Galaa Street market during a conference with Cairo Governor Galal Saeed March 24, reported Youm7.

The market would help ease traffic congestion caused by street vendor stands on public streets without depriving them of their income, Youm7 reported the representatives of the street vendors union as saying.

Saeed has ordered another market to be established for street vendors in the large slum settlement of Manshiyat Nasser, on the outskirts of Cairo, as part of a plan to develop the area in cooperation with the slum development fund, Al-Wafd newspaper reported on April 4.

The police recorded more than 21,000 removals of street vendors in January and February of this year, but most return once the police leave, Zayyat said.

The Ministry of Social Solidarity should study the cases of street vendors, including poor women who sell tissue paper on the streets, in order to help them instead finance small legal entrepreneurial projects, Zayyat added.

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