Controversy over verdict to prevent NDP members from running for elections

CAIRO: The judicial verdict to prevent members of the dissolved National Democratic Party (NDP) raised a state of controversy among Egyptians. Many politicians praised the decision, while others described it as a clear violation against citizens who are affiliated to the formerly ruling party.

Egypt’s Socialist Party chairperson Ahmed Bahaa Al-Din Shaban praised the decision taken by Cairo Court of Urgent Matters: “The decision was made to protect Egyptians from a new crisis.”

He said NDP members enjoy huge financial resources due to what he described as the gathering between the power and money during former President Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

He stressed the need to ban Muslim Brotherhood activities to pave the way to form a new parliament to defend the people and to represent them.

Alexandria’s Court of Urgent Matters decided to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from running for the upcoming presidential and parliamentary elections on April 15.

The verdict was made in response to the statement issued by Egypt’s Parliamentarians Union on April 30, warning of the attempts to allow members of dissolved NDP to dominate the parliament by providing them with political support.

Former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq’s lawyer Yehia Qadry criticized the verdict, describing it as subjective. He stressed in a statement to Youm7 that the ruling contradicts with the verdict issued by the Supreme Constitutional Court that the political isolation law is not constitutional.

The Supreme Constitutional Court decided that the political isolation law is unconstitutional in June 14, 2014, two days before the runoff round of the presidential elections between then-presidential candidates Mohamed Morsi and Ahmed Shafiq, who was viewed as a representative of Mubarak’s regime.

Former Parliamentarian Tallat Al-Qawas said the verdict contradicts with the constitution passed by the Egyptian people in January. He described the verdict as media propaganda.

Qawas told The Cairo Post that the constitution allowed different citizens with the right to run for parliament, including the NDP members, while it excluded those who were condemned by the judiciary for being involved in corruption. He intends to run for the upcoming parliament.

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