Second lawsuit filed accusing April 6 of espionage
April 6 Youth Movement Members - YOUM7

CAIRO: Popular Front against Brotherhoodization of Egypt’s legal lawyer Tarek Mahmoud filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against Mohamed Adel Fahmy, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Kamal to the public prosecutor accusing the April 6 Youth Movement of espionage, Youm7 reported.

All April 6 Youth Movement activities have been banned by a decision by the Abdeen Court for Urgent Matters on April 28, according to the lawsuit filed in December 2013.

The lawsuit filed Wednesday accused the movement of espionage with foreign countries seeking to destabilization, turning the public opinion against Egypt, affecting the internal stabilization inside the country, attempting to distort the Egyptian society in front of the international society.

The movement received funds from foreign countries and the U.S. in Cairo, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit stated that these three members held meetings to inform the U.S. embassy the situation in Egypt according to official documents presented to the prosecution, including documents issued on websites such as WikiLeaks such as attaining about $65 million.

Mahmoud demanded immediate investigation with them while in the meantime preventing them from travelling until they finished the investigations and refer them to the criminal court over accusations of espionage with foreign countries.

The April 6 ban was based on several charges, including tarnishing Egypt’s image, conspiring against the country’s national interests, colluding with foreign parties, and urging the U.S administration to cut off its aid to Egypt, according to Youm7.

In December, the first lawsuit was filed by lawyer Ashraf Saeed who accused the group of espionage and defaming Egypt’s image.

The lawsuit was based on alleged recordings of the movement’s founders, including Asmaa Mahfouz, Ahmed Maher, and Mohamed Adel, which were aired on the Black Box television program on Al-Qahira Wel Nas satellite channel.

Ali claimed that the leaks proved the activists had “conspired against state institutions and received foreign funds.”

 Additionally reporting by Jackleen Mounir.

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