Egypt’s reactions to second part of Sisi’s interview
Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi's Interview - YOUM7

CAIRO: Field Marshal Abdel Fatah al-Sisi’s stressed the role of state institutions and national projects as a possible solution for unemployment in the second installment of an interview with Lamis el-Hadidi and Ibrahim Eissa on ONTV and CBC satellite channels Tuesday night.

The interview was received well by some, including editor of Sawt Al-Umma newspaper Abdel-Halim Qandil, who said in a television interview that Sisi “understands this phase’s challenges,” and “Sisi showed us about his economic character during the interview.”

However, head of Egyptian Federation of Development Policies and Social Protection Salah Hashim told Al-Watan newspaper Tuesday that Sisi’s platform focuses on the education sector “without providing a clear vision” for the development of the curriculum.

“He did not adopt an instructional model that ‏have proven to be successful,”  Hashim said, adding “Sisi has presented his own vision for a national project.”

“Sisi’s  platform ignored the close relationship between health, food, housing and education,” Hashim stressed.

The former army chief showed “psychological stability” and “steadiness” during the interview, professor of psychiatry at Ain Shams University Nahla Nagy told Al-Watan Wednesday, referring that his stability is due to his inadvertent contact with the public work, public perception of local problems and for being the former head of military intelligence and former defense minister.

‏Naguib Gabriel, chairperson of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights said that Sisi’s interviews were very explicit and that some of his ideas seemed mysterious as when he was asked about his plans, he always answered “ I have a solution” without explaining his plan.

“I wish Sisi would provide us with a clear vision,” Gabriel said, adding that the interview flirted with people‘s feelings rather than explained his suggested solutions to overcome Egypt’s ongoing crises.

Commenting on Sisi’s platform, economic researcher Salah al-Amrosy said in a phone interview on ONTV channel that on the economic side, Sisi did not present a new vision for future growth with social justice. He added that Sisi just called on the poor to bear the weight of the ongoing economic policy in the hope of change.

The economic part of Sisi’s campaign depends on the Arab neighbors and Egyptians abroad, Amrosy stressed.

Writer Fatima Naout, who is a well-known critic of the Muslim Brotherhood, tweeted Tuesday “Sisi is sharp-witted and talented in choosing his words.”

“Sisi is a slaughterer, and those who will vote for him participate in the bloodshed,” activist Alaa Abdel Fattah tweeted Tuesday. Further, TV sports presenter Alaa Sadek, known for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood, mocked Sisi on his twitter account, saying “Sisi’s solutions to the unemployment problem reflect that he has not been educated enough.”

Sisi announced on March 26 that he would run for president after first resigning from his post as Minister of Defense. He is widely expected by the public to win the May 26-27 elections. His only opponent is leftist politician Hamdeen Sabbahi.

Both were given the green light by the High Presidential Elections Committee to launch their election campaigns Saturday.

The campaigns for presidential candidates began May 3 and will end on May 23.

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