UK will return six antiquities to Egypt next week
Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO:  The Supreme Council of Antiquities released Wednesday a statement saying that the U.K. will return six artifacts to Egypt based on a recent U.K. court verdict.

The artifacts were stolen and smuggled out of Egypt during the security vacuum following the 2011 revolution. They are expected to be returned next week.

Minister of Antiquities Mohamed Ibrahim said the verdict allows for the restoration of artifacts without the usual procedures. The ministry said the items came from Luxor.

The court charged the possessor of the stolen antiquities with fraud and forgery and fined them £12,000.

In related news, many media outlets reported May 4 that the Ministry of Antiquities will in the coming days restore 281 artifacts smuggled out of the country. They will be returned from four countries, the U.S., Belgium, France and Spain, following a series of legal procedures taken in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Last March, the Ministry of Antiquities announced that it had restored eight artifacts from the U.S. after negotiations with American officials to activate UNESCO agreements banning the trade of cultural possessions.

Ibrahim visited Washington that month to finish the necessary procedures to restore the antiquities, according to several reports.

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