One student injured in Cairo University clashes
Pro-Muslim brotherhood Students protest At Cairo University - YOUM7/ Kareem Abdel Azeez

CAIRO: One student was injured in clashes that erupted Thursday at Cairo University in response to a student protest, Youm7 reported.

The clashes broke out after a group of students protested outside exam halls, playing drums and repeating chants. They were then confronted by another group of students who found the protests disruptive, as they were being held during mid-term exams.

In response, security forces blocked all roads around the university after the protesting students left through the main gate and an ambulance was reported to have arrived at the scene to treat the injured student. Youm7 also reported that some students fired fireworks and flares during the clashes and chanted against the army, police and university administrators and for the release of detained students.

Meanwhile, students at Ain Shams University also protested, demanding the release of detained students. A number of students climbed atop the Faculty of Computing and Information building in an attempt to remove the barbed wire on the gates of the facility. In response, the dean of the faculty tried to push the protesters back by spraying fire extinguishers at them, reported Youm7.

In response, administrative security forces closed the doors of the faculties during exams to prevent students from protesting inside the campus.

Student protests and clashes have become commonplace in the past several months following the dispersal of the Muslim Brotherhood sit-ins at Rabaa al-Adaweya and Nahda Square in August 2013.

Additional Reporting by: Mahmoud Ragheb, Wael Rabeiy and Hany Mahmoud

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