Resignations at Wasat party criticizing “adherence” to NASL
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CAIRO: In the lead-up to elections, there is intense speculation whether the Wasat Party, one of the parties in the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy, which rejects the ouster of Mohamed Morsi, will remain loyal to it.

The secretary general of the party in Ismailia Sayed Awad presented his resignation Wednesday, criticizing the party’s performance, according to al-Masryoon website.

In his resignation he stated, “I used to see that our main role is to be a kernel to gather public opinion … to create a new political situation grantee the return of practicing a real democracy and achieve the aims of January 25 Revolution.”

He added, “we slipped in the alliance’s mess, the thing that alienates public opinion.”

Rashid Hoteba, a member of the Wasat party as well as a member at the former people’s council also resigned Wednesday criticizing “the adherence” of the party to the NASL, reported Youm7.

Former parliamentary member Hussein Zayed told Youm7 that the party has lost control in settling the dispute between party members, and they are “currently implementing the policies of the NASL.”

Amid rumors that the Wasat Party may withdraw from the alliance, the alliance itself said it is continuing in its democratic path. Rumors that spread during the past couple of days about the alliance’s coherence are “untrue,” Minister of Local Development in the government of Hisham Qandil Mohamed Ali Besher said in Thursday press release.

The alliance called for a boycott of the upcoming presidential elections April 27 on its official Facebook page, saying they “refuse to legitimize such a sham process.”

Gamaa Islamiyya will boycott the forthcoming presidential elections, member of the High Commission of the Building and Development Party Ahmed Hosni said  Thursday.

Additionally reporting by Ramy Nawar, Mahmoud Othman and Ahmed Arafa

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