No show, Bro- MB leader fired for missing work
Mahmoud Ezzat - YOUM7 (Archive)
By Cairo Post

SHARQIA, Egypt: Mahmoud Ezzat accepted his appointment as the interim Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood but seemed to forget that he was already employed at Zagazig University, which fired Ezzat on Sept. 24 after he stopped showing up for work and failed to give any reason for his absence.

His predecessor, Mohamed Badie, was detained on Aug. 20 for his alleged complicity in killing protestors last year. Ezzat served as second deputy of the general guide until Badie’s arrest demanded he step up.

Ezzat is sometimes referred to as the ‘real guide’ of the Brotherhood, according to an Aug. 20th article on Al-Arabiyya, but if he doesn’t give notice, it appears he can still be ‘real’ fired.


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