Politicians criticize Nour Party’s ‘volatile’ stances
Salafi Nour Party leader Younes Makhioun - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: The stance of the Nour Party in the political arena during the months following June 30 has been the source of major debate among political figures.

The ideology of the Nour party and its leaders asserts that it is formed on religious basis, head of the Conference Party Mohamed al-Araby told Youm7 on Saturday. “They have a massive population in streets but it is ineffective and won’t allow them to attain parliamentary seats,” he continued.

Meanwhile, head of the Ahram Regional Institute for Journalism (AHRIJ) Hassan Abu Taleb told Al-Dostour newspaper on Friday that the Nour Party is trying to have a play in politics by any means.

Taleb said, “The Nour Party supporting presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi is an example of adopting pragmatism. At the same time they are trying to exploit the large vacancy left by an important and strong competitor.”

Deputy Head of the Free Egyptians Party Ibrahim Naguib told Youm7 that the publicly declared stance of the Nour Party differs from their actions, stating, “They denounced the Rabaa al-Adaweya sit-in while some of them participated in it. They declared support for the referendum and most of them boycotted it.”

He added that the Nour Party is a religious party and the new constitution states its illegality.

On the other hand, member of the high commission of the Wafd Party Yasser el-Houdaiby told Youm7 that while the party has a religious reference, it does not have a religious basis, and the second article of the constitution has resolved this and made the party constitutional and legal.

Furthermore, the Nour Party has denounced the statements of political parties regarding the illegality of the party and its changing stance, and those who demand that the party stay out of politics.

Assistant Secretary General of the Nour Party Shabaan Abdel Aleem told Youm7 that the opinions of the secular parties are “irrational.”

“We are not a religious party, we have a political program and we do not distinguish between people on a religious basis,” Abdel Aleem added.

Further, head of the Nour Party Younis Makhyoun said in an interview with Al-Nahar channel on Friday that the party supports Sisi according to the general consensus between party members, noting that the party has set a plan to call citizens to participate in the elections and vote for Sisi.

Additional reporting by Mohamed Magdy al-Sisi.

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