MB leader: we will boycott the coming elections
Egyptian woman votes in 2012 presidential elections - YOUM7/Hussien Tallal

CAIRO: A recent statement by the Muslim Brotherhood urging democracy does not mean the group will participate in the upcoming presidential elections, leading member of Muslim Brotherhood Mohamed al-Sisi told Youm7 Saturday.  

“We will boycott the coming elections,” he said.

The Brotherhood, which rejects the legitimacy of the interim government, issued a statement Friday stressing its commitment to the rights of the Egyptian people to rule their country through democratic institutions, and added that they want to see Egypt as a “strong country” in the international arena.

The statement added that the only way to correct the current position is to allow the people choose their ruler and parliament, while the military institution should return to its barracks “away from any political role.”

Former member of April 6 Movement Mahmoud Afifi said on his Facebook page, “The statement comes to pave the way for participating in the coming parliamentary elections.”

Activist Mosaad Abu Fagr, former member of 50-member committee, said that the statement reflected a “notable progress” in the position adopted by the group, and was a “good step.”

The Muslim Brotherhood was classified as a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government Dec. 25, 2013, and many of its leaders, including former president Mohamed Morsi, are standing trial on charges including killing protestors as well as inciting violence.

Presidential elections are scheduled to take place May 26 and 27.

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