54 arrested on Libyan border in emigration attempt
YOUM7 (Archive)

Cairo:  Security forces on the Egyptian-Libyan border in Salum arrested 54 persons of Egyptian and Sudanese nationality Saturday, accused of attempting to illegally enter Libya, reported Youm7.  

The accused were referred to military prosecution, after being apprehended in military territory, security forces told Youm7.

Egyptian security forces in Salum arrested 71 persons May 6 accused of attempting to illegally cross the border into Egypt, including 66 Egyptians.

Security forces arrested group of 25 illegal immigrants last April who were spotted trying to illegally enter Egypt, including three Sudanese and 22 Egyptians from different provinces, Al-Watan Reported.

On the Egyptian eastern borders, Egyptian borders troops destructed 5 tunnels in Rafah town to reach the numbers of all tunnels were destructed to 1638 and a car loaded with 40 tons of crude oil in Ahmed Hamdi tunnel in Zahfrana district.

Relations with Libya have been strained in the last few months; a 15-year-old Egyptian girl has been abducted by gunmen in Libya in late April and Egypt’s Foreign Ministry formed an operations room to follow up on the matter.

On Feb. 24, seven Christian Egyptians were found shot dead on a beach in Benghazi, marked as one of the most brutal attacks against Egyptians in its western neighboring country.

The government has struggled with maintaining security since the ouster of Muammar Gadhafi, and the country has witnessed a number of assassinations of local security and military officials.

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