Egypt Press Review: May 11

Youm7 press


Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab said the Renaissance Dam is not a war but a balance of interests. He said the main problem in the dam’s crisis is the Muslim Brotherhood’s statement about it, which created a political crisis and a rift between both countries.


  • Catherine Ashton: International attack against Minya verdicts were misunderstandings
  • Pope Tawadros II led the first mass in Emirates
  • International Arbitration Association issues verdict in favor of Egypt in conflict of over EGP 5.8 billion ($833 million.)

Ahram press


Investigations with the three criminals arrested on Friday in Imbaba disclosed that they are responsible for bombing the checkpoint beside Heliopolis Court last week. The bombing left a conscript dead and injured four, one of whom was a policeman. They confessed belonging to Agnad Misr.


  • Abdel Fatah al-Sisi met with young investors and Hamdeen Sabbahi promises to create five million projects
  • Woman sent to quarantine, suspect of coronavirus.
  • 2,614 international observers started watching elections

Akhbar press


Administrative Judiciary Court decided to postpone the lawsuits demanding Mahlab to ban importing coal for cement factories for May 24 to listen to Minister of Environment Laila Iskander’s testimony.


  • Police started printing 54 million voting cards for elections
  • Alexandria Bank contributed with one million EGP in Upper Egypt schools nutrition program
  • Minister of Antiquities: We will not disclaim any smuggled piece of antiquities

Al-Masry Al-Youm press

Al-Masry Al-Youm

Some Taba’s Bedouins said the floods destroyed their properties, ruined their homes, and killed the sheep on which they depend. They demanded government officials to compensate them for their losses. South Sinai governor said that the losses are estimated at millions.


  • Minister of Petroleum: Electricity crisis will end in September
  • Ministry of Health stopped registering American medicine for Hepatitis C
  • 200 suspects form Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis were referred to criminal court over accusations in seven terrorism cases

Al-Shorouq press


Minister of Supply Khaled Hanafy said applying the new system for bread saves 10 to 12 million EGP for the state treasury that were wasted from subsidies due to smuggling flour.


  • Mansoura Criminal Court acquitted 25 Muslim Brotherhood members from terrorism charges
  • 44 policlinics were opened in National Cancer Institute to serve 1,500 patients daily
  • Asyut Muslim Brotherhood members presented endorsements for Sisi to court to deny belonging to the group
  • 200 antiquities were restored form eight European countries
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