Brotherhood’s stance seen by political figures as retreat
Leaders of Muslim Brotherhood’s National Alliance to Support Legitimacy during press conference - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: With the approaching presidential elections scheduled for May 26 and 27, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy called for protests and boycott.

Political figures see the Muslim Brotherhood group’s language in its latest statement as a retreat.

During the past few months, the Muslim Brotherhood and National Alliance to Support Legitimacy organized several protests, especially in universities.

Pro- Muslim Brotherhood students organized almost daily protests in Cairo University, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, Helwan University, and Al-Azhar University. Al-Azhar University is the one of the most prominent universities that witnessed clashes almost daily between pro-Muslim Brotherhood students and security forces.

The Brotherhood issued a statement Friday that they seek to rectify the stance in Egypt after the Egyptian army took over power on July 3 when former President Mohamed Morsi was ousted, to let Egyptian people be the “masters and owners of the state and its institutes and to return the military institute to its barracks.”

“The military institute took over since 1952, made itself the master over the people, falsified all the elections and referendums, took over all the state’s institutions, and gave the law a vacation,” the statement said.

In response to the Friday statement, an informed source at the Muslim Brotherhood said in a Saturday press statement that the Brotherhood’s statement is a respond to the accusations against the group, according to al-Kahera gate.

Several political parties denounced the Muslim Brotherhood statement on Friday.

Former Tamarod movement leader Karim al-Masry told Al-Masreyoon Saturday that what the Brotherhood said are just lies in order to return to the political life after they were eliminated by the Egyptian people.

Political expert and deputy head of Misr University for Science and Technology Mohamed al-Saadany said the Brotherhood are trying to exist in the political space by all means, Al-Masreyoon reported.

Islamist thinker Ahmed Kamal Abu al-Magd told Youm7 on Sunday that the Brotherhood’s statement shows that there is a massive change within the group as they did not demand Morsi’s return.

The statement did not call for protests, boycotting calls, or attacks against the current regime, Abu al-Magd added.

On the other hand, the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy issued a statement Saturday calling for people to boycott the upcoming presidential elections.

Additionally reporting by Ahmed Arafa.

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