U.S. turned to support Egypt’s struggle against terrorism, experts
Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Foreign Minister Nabil Fahmy stressed that the relations between Egypt and the U.S. recently witnessed notable improvement due to efforts exerted by the current transitional authorities to convince the world that Egypt struggles against “terrorism.”

Fahmy said in an interview with London-based Arab Newspaper on Monday that the recent reports issued by the U.S Department of State about terrorism were to express the U.S.’s support for Egypt to combat terrorism. He stressed that this report strengthened Egypt’s position.

The report acknowledged that Egypt witnessed an increase in terrorism and violent extremism following the ousting of former President Mohamed Morsi and his elected government on July 3. “Although the majority of attacks were concentrated in northern Sinai, some significant incidents occurred in the eastern Nile Delta between Cairo and the Suez Canal city of Ismailia,” according to the report.

Many experts believe that the U.S. Administration turned to change its position from Egypt to protect its interests in the region. They stressed that the U.S realized the seriousness of the threat posed by the terrorist groups not only against Egypt but also the world as a whole. They underlined the decision to appoint a new ambassador to Egypt months after the departure of then-Ambassador Anne Patterson in September 2013.

Political Science professor Hassan Nafaa said the U.S. expressed its support for Egypt during its fight against terrorism. He said the U.S. cannot take any different position not to be accused of abandoning its role as a main partner in combating terrorism.

He added in a statement to VetoNews Website that the contradicting statements issued by the different institutions in the U.S. were to use the current internal conflict in Egypt and achieve U.S. interests.

The Foreign Minister said that U.S. officials expressed their keenness to support Egypt during its current war against terrorism. He said they pledged to resume aids program to provide support during the current critical period.

Ambassador Abdel-Raouf Al-Ridy, Egypt’s former Ambassador to Washington, said that neither the U.S. Administration nor the Congress issued a decision to suspend financial aid to Egypt. He said a number of Congress members raised this demand to express their personal visions, not the vision of the U.S Administration or Congress.

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