Verdict banning April 6 Youth Movement is final: lawyers
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CAIRO: The verdict issued by the Abdeen Court for Urgent Matters to ban the activities of the April 6 Youth Movement is uncontested 15 days following its issue, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

“On paper, there is nothing called April 6 Movement, they are not an official organization, and no one can appeal on the verdict issued against it unless he has a legal status and legal capacity in the case,” Ali Atef a lawyer at the Arab Network for Human Rights Information told The Cairo Post.

The Abdeen court ruled April 28 to ban the activities of April 6 Movement, and seize its headquarters after a lawsuit demanded that the president, prime minister, interior minister, minister of defense and the Attorney General suspend and ban the movement’s activities for “defaming Egypt’s image and working for other countries.”

“It is not an organization, the verdict issued by the court is vague and practically cannot be applied,” Atef said, adding that there have been calls not to consider the verdict.

Atef added that the names of Asmaa Mahfouz and Mohamed Adel were included in the verdict, and they could have taken any legal step as the court was the one who enrolled their names in the verdict, but they didn’t.

If 10 days pass from the day of the verdict and no one has appealed it, the verdict is final, Mohamed Mahmoud a lawyer at ANHRI told The Cairo Post.

All the statements issued by members of April 6 that they will appeal on the verdict was just a media statements and no one has appealed on the verdict, Mahmoud stated, adding that the only entity that can appeal on the verdict is the country and since the country didn’t appeal on the verdict so it is a final verdict as 10 days have passed, so it is final and the country must apply it.

Head of April 6 Democratic Front legal committee Sherif al-Hosary said on April 29 that the movement will appeal the decision  issued Monday to ban the movement in front of the Administrative Court, Youm7 reported.

Hosary said in a press conference held by the movement, that the prosecution did not determine the headquarters that will be repossessed until now, noting that the movement has no headquarters.

“But will the country be capable of applying the verdict as there is no actual entity for the group and they are in streets? It is difficult,” Mahmoud added.

“The only thing we are afraid of, that this verdict may be used like the verdict issued against the Muslim Brotherhood, and to arrest anyone in the street accusing him of belonging to a ‘restricted’ group or illegal group,” Mahmoud said.

Additionally reporting by Karim Sobhi

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