Clashes in Ain Shams University injure 1
clashes between Muslim Brotherhood students and security forces In Ain Shams University - YOUM7

CAIRO:  One student was injured during clashes between pro-Muslim Brotherhood students and security forces in the surroundings of Ain Shams University, Youm7 reported Tuesday.

The students organized protests and blocked Khalifa Maamoun Street after organizing a march in campus.

Security forces intensified their presence near the university and closed the road leading to the street with barbed wire and deployed three anti-riots cars.

Police fired teargas bombs while students fired flames and fireworks trying to reach headquarter of Ministry of Defense.

Many students retreated to the surroundings of the university while others continued clashes and set fire to number of streets.

The clashes increased violently near the back gate of Law Faculty while security forces were trying to disperse the protests with teargas.

A number of students and university employees suffered from suffocations and escaped from the front gate, away from the tear gas smell.

At Al-Azhar University female students organized a march on campus and chanted anti-police and army slogans.

Security staff closed the university buildings to ban the protesters from entering them so the rest of the students could complete their exams.

 Additionally reporting by Mahmoud Rageb and Nada Selim. 

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