Art salon opens its doors for people with special needs
Head of the Fine Arts Sector Salah el-Meligy - YOUM7(Archive)

CAIRO: Salah el-Meligy, head of the Fine Arts Sector, opened the Special Art Salon for people with special needs in Saad Zaghloul Cultural Center Monday, according to several news reports.

All the artists who participated in the event have special needs and the salon helped give them a chance to express their thoughts with art. The salon featured more than 600 pieces of art and 25 NGOs helped organize the event, El Badil reported Saturday.

Meligy said in a video aired by Yqeen News Network that this is the fifth session of the yearly event, and it will present awards for artists and NGOs working with people with special needs. There are 28 different awards.

The head of the judging committee, Osama Hamza, told Rosa el-Youssef website Tuesday that the salon is growing and that this year’s event has 30 more artists in the first session than last year. Also, the total number of artists this year reached 200.

Artist Ayman Fargaly, who won the “most encouraging award,” said his work expressed the life of people with special needs through art, and that, “This is our unstable life and there is no investment in our energy.”

Another artist, Abdel Azeem Ali, said, “Disability is energy for people with special needs and a national treasure.” He added that authorities must take care of people with special needs and provide necessary tools for them.

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  1. Francois Sagat CA
    May 25, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    I enjoy helping people with special needs on my film set. All of my friends are special needs people. If you see me give me a kiss and a hug.

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