April 6 to boycott elections, describes it as “farce”
The April 6 Movement's conference to announce boycotting elections - YOUM7/Hazem Abd Al-samad

CAIRO: The April 6 Youth Movement announced it would boycott the presidential elections in a Wednesday press conference, for being a “farce” to install presidential candidate Abdel Fatah al-Sisi.

“We appreciate and value the role of [presidential candidate] Hamdeen Sabbahi in the struggle and resistance for tens of years,” the movement said in a press statement.

“[But] the elections have been shifted to a procedural prelude for the new dictator. As per our grassroots vote within the movement, the youth of April 6 decided not to participate in this procedural farce and to continue working with fellow strugglers to achieve the goals and principles of the revolution,” the statement continued.

After a lawyer filed a lawsuit against the April 6 Youth Movement, Cairo Court for Urgent Matters banned April 6 Youth Movement on April 28 for “spreading chaos and threatening national security.”

April 6 also boycotted the constitutional referendum in January 2014. Movement members Ahmed Maher, Mohamed Adel and Ahmed Doma are jailed for “orchestrating illegal protests.”

The Misr al-Qawia party also announced Wednesday it “would not participate” in the presidential elections, because political circumstances “have not changed” since the party condemned that a military candidate should run for president in a February statement.

Abdel Moneim Aboul Fotouh, the party’s head who ran for president in 2012, decided not to run for president in 2014 because, any potential candidate would be in “confrontation” with the military and all state institutions, according to the statement.

The Salafi Front announced April 28 it would boycott the forthcoming elections, describing it as “illegitimate,” reported Youm7.

Khaled Saeed, the front’s spokesperson, told Youm7 that it would continue protesting, “even if the current situation lasted for 100 years,” signaling that the Muslim Brotherhood protests organized by the National Alliance to Support Legitimacy “have many benefits.”

The Muslim Brotherhood, which rejects the legitimacy of the interim government, issued a statement May 10, announcing that it rejects to participate in establishing any institutions except on “sound footing,” and that it would boycott the elections.

The statement called on state institution to “not be biased” towards any political faction at the expense of another.

The National Alliance to Support Legitimacy issued a statement April 27 on its official Facebook page, calling for a boycott of the upcoming presidential elections, saying they “refuse to legitimize such a sham process.”

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party (ESDP) decided not to support any presidential candidate, but said in a statement April 26 that its members are individually free to support one of the two candidates Abdel Fatah al-Sisi or Hamdeen Sabbahi.

The Wafd, Conference and Tagammu parties announced their support for Sisi. Meanwhile the Dostour Party, the Popular Current and the Socialist Popular Alliance announced their support for Sabbahi.

The presidential elections are scheduled for May 26 and 27, and May 15 and 18 for Egyptians living abroad.

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