MB supporters allegedly obstruct voting in Turkey
Foreign Ministry spokesperson Badr Abdel Atty - YOUM7 (Archive)

CAIRO: Voting in the presidential elections has reportedly run smoothly for most Egyptians abroad, but Badr Abdel Aty, a foreign ministry spokesman, told Youm7 Thursday that Muslim Brotherhood supporters attempted to disrupt a polling station at the Istanbul consulate.  

Shaira Assy, the Egyptian charge d’affairs in Istanbul told MENA that there was a small protest consisting of about 20 MB supporters outside the consulate, but they were stopped by the Turkish Police who had an agreement with the Egyptian consulate to protect it.

Assy added that one of the protesters, an Egyptian-British citizen, had previously been accused of trying to break into the Istanbul consulate on April 28.

Egyptians started voting in Turkey at 9 a.m. in Istanbul and the Egyptian embassy in Ankara. Egyptian Ambassador Hussein El-Saharty in Ankara told MENA Thursday that voter turnout had been low because it is a working day, but it is expected to increase over the next few days. Voting for Egyptians abroad will run from May 15-18.

Outside of Turkey, international voting was without incident according to the official foreign ministry Facebook page, with voting occurring at 141 diplomatic posts in 124 countries. According to the page, voting stations in the Gulf countries and Australia have so far experienced heavy numbers of voters.

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